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Communication that can really save lives

Calling Excellence is a true Adlabs Landmark as nothing like this had been attempted when we created it many years ago. It even got a mention in a Government White Paper as an example of "Best Practice". An award winning six and a half hour online, or offline, training package for “Police Call Centre Staff”, capable of being incorporated and managed via a secure content managed Intranet system.

Training material written by Adlabs in association with Staffordshire Police
The training material was written by Adlabs in association with Staffordshire Police

Virtual learning spaces created with bespoke 3D environments
Virtual learning spaces were created with bespoke 3D environments

Separated into four concise modules, Calling Excellence is a computer-based training product based on the exact needs of police personnel who deal with the public by phone. It’s foundations are tried and tested inter-personnel skill models applied to the police environment, and written for a police audience, be they civilians or serving officers.

Real presenters integrated into the virtual learning spaces
Real presenters were integrated into the virtual learning spaces

“Calling Excellence” is based in it’s own virtual learning centre and features compelling screen designs that wrap the user in an inspiring online environment with humanised colour schemes and room layouts. An onscreen “facilitator” welcomes delegates to different sections, launches exercises, delivers feedback and provides On-screen interactions that put the delegate “into” the training room. All the training content is designed from a classroom perspective that anticipates delegate questions and thoroughly answers them within the training material.

Here is an video overview of the 6 hour course:


Module One overview:
Basic Call Skills


Module Two overview:
Questioning Skills and Caller Qualifying


Module Three overview:
Caller Expectation Setting


Module Four overview:
Self Care and Stress Management